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Whatever the size of a project we take on, this is an insight into our thought process from the start of your project to the launch of your website and beyond.

This is to help you get an understanding of the stages involved when thinking about getting a new website or redesign.


This is where we dig up as much information as possible about yourself to develop a brief. This step helps us learn about your business and your goals and also your expectations both in design and functionality so that we can come up with the best solution.

We will then research into your target audience and your competitors to make sure you stand out within your market.

Taking this information, we then plan the structure of the website using sketches, sitemaps and flow charts which help us organise your site in the best possible way.

step one


After launch we don't leave you there. We like to know you are happy with your new site and help you as much as we can, even after launch.

We like to see that your website is performing and growing in the way you expected.

We realise that you may also need help with marketing your site, for which we offer Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media packages to enhance your website even further.

step four
Social MediaSocial


In this step, we will get your site ready to present to you and we can make any final tweaks to give your website a final polish.

We will make sure the site is fully functional and tested including checking all links work and testing for cross browser compatibility.

We will then launch your website, after your approval, for public viewing.

If you have a Content Management System we will also provide full training so that you can manage the site yourself.

step three
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This is where we put into practice everything we have learnt. We will start thinking about the style of the website and how the site will look visually with the use of fonts and colours. We design taking into consideration what the key aspects of the site are, putting emphasis on these areas.

We will present the designs and make any changes at this stage before bringing your designs to life in development. After sign off we will work on the technical side of your site, making it work and function the way you would like. This is also where we add all the little fun interactive bits which make your web site memorable.

During the Design and Development stage, we like to keep you involved with the progress of your site and update you along the way.

step two
Step One(Research) to Step Two(Develop) Arrow
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