5 awesome reasons to use Facebook for your business

5 Awesome Reasons to Use Facebook for your Business

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It offers plenty of simple, yet effective tools, to interact with your customers

You can post images in a gallery; offer videos & audio and a new ‘timeline’ tool that lets you chronicle your business achievements. By branding a page to your business; provide information and linking back to your website, you can stake your own piece of this vast social network!

You can make the page public, which Google also displays in search results

Unlike people’s Facebook profiles, a Facebook for Business page can be made “public”. This means your potential customers can view your Facebook page through a search result in Google. The benefits to this are great; with your Facebook page potentially ranking higher than your own business, especially if you’ve newly launched your website.

You can run Social Ads to target specific groups of people

You can run targeted advertisements on Facebook, by breaking down key groups and demographics of your target audience. If you sell baby products, why not target young mums on Facebook? Facebook Ad’s also have a viral factor, where Facebook members are more likely to engage with a Facebook Ad, if their friends have already done so.

You get detailed statistics to view how people use your Facebook page

Unlike many marketing and promotional tools, Facebook lets you view who ‘Liked’ your website content, who left a comment, who interacted with others, even what day of the week people tend to visit the most! Use such data to better promote your business to your fans.

You can add Apps and other nifty tools to add value to your customers

Facebook business pages don’t end there; you can add all kinds of nifty apps to your business page. For example, display e-commerce products, get people to sign-up to a newsletter or even provide interactive Flash games!

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