5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Write A Blog

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Whether you are thinking about starting your new online business or you already have, and you’re not sure about the direction you should be going in, there is one key component that you need to include on your website: A corporate blog.
You need to keep all of your contents up to date, which means that creating a couple of social media accounts isn’t enough. A corporate blog allows you to keep things updated, and more. In this blog, we will look at the benefits a corporate blog has on your company and why your company should write one.

1. It helps to position your company on the Internet

It’s no secret that google loves text. Because of this, you should frequently try to write fresh and original content. Your blog entries are the best way to climb the search engine ranks. By planning a long-term SEO strategy, you will appear higher in the results page when a potential customer looks for the services that you offer.

2. It will bring new customers and followers

Writing a blog will ultimately bring more traffic to your website. As potential customers will use Google to try to get some help, being high up in the Google ranks with a relevant blog will lead these potential customers to your website. After checking your relevant blog and realising that you sell the product that they’re needing, they could use your website to buy the item.

3. A place where you can show your knowledge

If you are an expert in any discipline, a blog is a perfect tool to show it. It allows you to get in touch with other people from the same sector and share opinions. This will give you an advantage when carrying out your link-building strategy. Many blogs cover general topics, such as music, films and other hobbies, but there are a few blogs that cover more specific content. It is the latter where you can demonstrate that you really know the field that you work in.

4. Another way to talk to your clients

Apart from simply writing blog entries, you have to answer any comments posted by the readers. This makes them feel as though you can help them if they have any issues. It helps create a bond with your followers, so even a simple “Thanks for your comment” will be appreciated.

5. Utilise it together with your Social Media

Social Media will give more visibility and reputation to your brand, so try to connect your blog with it. Every time you write a new post, make it public and post it on social media. Your content is exclusive so you must promote it properly! Twitter helps you to quickly share your articles, but LinkedIn or Google+ will help you improve your SEO strategy. In turn, this will lead to an increase in followers and interaction with your brand. Try to be close and open. Change your selling attitude for a helping one, and share interesting articles to entertain your community.

Does your company have a blog? Have you got any other advice to share with us?


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