6 Tools to Spy on Your Competition’s Digital Marketing Strategy

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Where is my competition getting visitors from? How much are they investing in advertising? How are they gaining new fans from their social media? How much traffic are they getting? Are their Facebook communities growing as fast as mine? These are some of many questions that you might be contemplating what leading businesses are doing to gain more traffic to their websites.
In this article, we will answer these questions and show you some useful tools to analyse your competitors without doing anything illegitimate. Fortunately, there are not too many rules in this game, and your competition will do everything humanly possible to beat you, so don’t hesitate to make the most of these methods.

1. SEMRush

This supplies you with wide range of information about traffic, SEO and PPC strategies, keywords, an approximate CPC for your Google Adwords campaigns and your current competitors in this platform, etc. The limited (free) trial version is quite helpful, but it won’t let you know as much as you want about your competitors. You will also find important data about Facebook ads and landing pages. There are price plans as low as $70 per month.


2. LikeAlyzer

This tool is perfect to find very specific information about Facebook pages. Just by introducing a Facebook URL, its weak and strong points will be analysed in depth. LikeAlyzer shows an overall scoring and compares the page with other similar ones as well as calculates their diary number of posts and their engagement levels. Furthermore, it will give you some advice about how to improve the efficiency of your messages and the interactions with your fans.


3. SEOQuake

It’s a toolbar available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari (in beta) to get information about the Page Rank, Google Index, internal and external links, metadata and content from a website shared on Facebook, Twitter, etcetera. SEOQuake is free and very easy to install. Moreover, you will be able to customize it depending on your preferences.


4. KeywordSpy

Similar to SEMRush but slightly more expensive, you will be able to find out how any website manages PPC campaigns and the organic keywords used in their SEO strategies. It is available in 28 different countries, included United Kingdom, as low as $90 per month. There are many tools like this one available such as SemRush and SpyFu, just give one a chance.


5. Wildfire Social Media Monitor

Analyses several Facebook fan pages simultaneously and produces graphs with the evolution since the page was created. It also calculates the increase of the fans weekly, monthly or quarterly. No sign up required.


6. Majestic SEO

Analyses competitor’s backlinking strategies, but you can’t compare several websites simultaneously. The limited trial version is great, but you can make it better by paying $40/month.


There are many other tools to know how your competitors behave in terms of online marketing strategy, these are some of our favourite ones. Have you used any others worth mentioning?

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