An Important Time to Design

An Important Time to Design

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In recent years, the web has changed and evolved more than ever before, web designers are more advanced and browsers are highly capable. These changes are fundamental and require us to reconsider how we approach web design.

Our web designers have great ideas, but also take pride in getting their hands dirty and building bespoke websites to inspire their teammates and clients. For a designer, craft means knowing how to represent a complex idea. It also means caring about every detail that gives it purpose, every word, line of code, or pixel is used at a high level.

The team at Websquare believe it is time to rethink and reinvent the web. Design is not just the domain of a designer. We involve the client as much as possible in the design. There is nothing more gratifying than having the design accessible to the client to express their own ideas.

The team believe that User Experience equals good design. Design is not just used to decorate, but to solve a user’s problems and make products easily available to the customers. User Experience or UX is almost mandatory for success with the design of our E-commerce websites. Making the interface faster and easier to use is ultimately the sort of design that delivers a great UX.

Websquare have also noticed the lines between desktop, mobile and the web is becoming increasingly blurry. We are continually changing our tools and techniques to meet new requirements. Multi-platform design is becoming more popular, where websites and mobile apps are used on many varied devices. Websquare integrate mobile development and mobile applications to make our websites more responsive, fluid and configured to every device available to the user.

Each design provides its own unique form factor, interface conventions, constraints and opportunities. Websquare considers the variables in order to create experiences that feel natural to the user.

Our team’s central aim is to develop a whole new mindset for progressive, future-proof web designs that offer a wealth of experience in bespoke web design, digital content, development and online marketing. We specialise in online success. Get an edge over the competition, let Websquare design your website.

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