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Design Showcase #1 – Red Web Designs

Posted by on in Case Studies, Web Design

Websquare are starting a new series of showcases that follow the designs of specific themes and colours of websites. Hopefully this will help you understand how designers have organised, systemised and manipulated websites, highlighting examples of exciting visual and interface design.

In this showcase, we will present some web sites that use the colour red. Red has a huge range of cultural representations associated with it, which makes it more versatile than other colours. The colour expresses dynamism, vitality, passion and sensuality. It is a very noticeable colour, so much so that its hidden qualities are used extensively by advertising and marketing companies.

Red websites have a visual and aesthetic impact that is very strong, which tends to stay with the user’s unconscious memory. In design it causes people to react with greater speed and force, which will prove useful in e-commerce websites.

Here’s a showcase of a number of websites that skilfully use the colour red.

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