Design Showcase #7 – Illustrated Web Designs

Posted by on in Case Studies, Web Design

One of the ways to add fun into web designs is to add illustrations. Illustrated websites can create memorable experiences that work well for brand awareness. By using illustrations to create an enjoyable user experience, web designs can make an impression on people and give them more interactivity.

These designs use illustrations and interactions to communicate with their target demographic. The experience is more enjoyable and unique compared to other websites. The only potential pitfall in using illustrations is that it might not be necessary for your company; it can jeopardize the importance of the message. Knowing your audience is important when considering illustrations in websites.

The illustrated design of the website will support the overall purpose of the website. It can strive to use a fun approach to making a memorable experience with a memorable message. These are a few examples of designs which use these illustrations that will hopefully, show the positive effects that illustrations can have in your websites.

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