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Flat User Interface (UI) has already been around for a few months but is still ever so popular in 2014. After the launch of Apple IOS7, it has inspired a lot of other companies both large and small to adopt this still fairly new trend of “Flat UI“. It is stripped back of the bevels, gradients and shadows which we are seeing less of due to people embracing this new trend. It seems that flat design is here to stay for a while, how long is another question.

The aim of the Flat UI should not be just to create a stunning looking design but for the ease of use. To be done well, it requires timely planning and testing as it has to be user focused and not just be a pretty interface.

A lot of developers love this new trend as the psd designs are uncomplicated, graphics are simplified, smaller file sizes, less use of images and scalable svg. For a business this makes your website a much more enjoyable experience for your visitors as your site will load much quicker.

Benefits of Flat Design if designed well…

  • Transfers well on to other devices such as mobile and tablets.
  • File sizes are smaller making websites load quicker.
  • Scaleable vector graphics.
  • Easy to use
  • Typography stands out more.

Ok well that all sounds good… what could go wrong?

  • Trends generally go “out of fashion”.
  • People are already using it and abusing it – every website will start looking the same.
  • Not always appropriate for every website – must be carefully thought out

Traits that flat designs have in common

  • Colourful
  • More typography focussed
  • Minimalistic
  • Simple
  • Follow a grid like format
  • Use of clear icons
  • Minimal use of words
  • Open space

From infographics, websites and apps even to print, it is heavily influencing the design world today. It is fascinating to see how design trends move on. What is next I wonder? Flat Designs don’t have to be boring, as the name might suggest, here you will see examples of Flat UI’s we have come across:





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