Designing for Mobile Devices

Designing for Mobile Devices

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Websquare are considering the future of applications for web design in Yorkshire. When it comes down to designing anything in 2012, we need to start thinking mobile development. We’ve had the privilege to design James Caan’s mobile website and now are looking forward to developing even more websites for mobile devices.

Mobile devices, especially Smartphones and tablets will accomplish more and more of the things that individuals will want to do. Everyday millions of touch screen devices are put into the hands of consumers.

There are a vast majority of tasks that mobile optimised devices can do versus a full website like:

Explosive Growth – Mobile devices are used more and more everyday and often for fast browsing. Viewing websites can be much easier and productive on a mobile device.

Flexibility – Users will get a better experience in a well-designed mobile site that is optimised to seamlessly redirect users between the full site and the mobile site.

Optimised Content – Mobile page design is light and simple, the main focus is streamlined browsing and considering the user’s connectivity for faster load times.

Innovative possibilities – Designing unique and usable interfaces for devices presents room for more creative opportunities.

We can’t deny that tasks such as composing emails, writing blogs, and editing websites are best done on the PC, but we at Websquare know the potential of dynamic mobile applications and how great they are for your business.

Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android phones are beginning to dominate how people access the site. Websquare’s Bradford based mobile development team intuitively understands the multi-device world we all live in and its potential to help companies increase the range of their web visitors that are constantly on the move.

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