Front-end, Creative Web Designer - Bradford

Front-end, Creative Web Designer Vacancy – Bradford

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Skillset: HTML, CSS, AJAX, JQUERY, ADOBE CS3+: PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, DREAMWEAVER, WORDPRESS CMS. Demonstrate flair and creativity in designing buttons, graphics and promotional/ marketing graphics in website and e-commerce designs. Experience not essential but portfolio (online or website files) of work required, and a willingness to develop on design skills

Professional attributes: Well-rounded skill set in front web-development (HTML, CSS & AJAX), integration of Jquery scripts and plug-ins into websites, programming and developing not necessary. Strong portfolio of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator work for website design. Good communication skills outlining your intentions with designs, take suggestions and incorporating feedback from project manager, marketing executives, team and the client to produce visually striking and useable websites. Be motivated, work to deadlines and targets, whilst meeting all the features and user needs of a website.

Job description and role:

You will be liaising closely with senior developers and/ or the client at the design stage and finding the answers to questions about why the site is needed, who the target audience will be, who the leading competitors are. You will need to develop and/ or work on website briefs provided.
You will need to deliver strong, well-realised homepage, e-commerce, HTML emails and landing page concepts in Adobe Photoshop. You will need to be aware of navigation, content areas, header, footer, sidebar and typography aspects of websites in producing designs.
Design banners, advertisements, ‘call-to-action’ graphics to enhance website designs
You will need to solve problems in design through wireframes, sketches and mock-ups; you will need to communicate your solutions but also take feedback where provided.
Working knowledge of designing and coding for WordPress websites, willingness to develop on WordPress skills and CMS-based design techniques
You will also work with developers to design websites conscientious of WordPress Content Management Systems, online stores and the database driving website functionality. Database and development experience not required, but preference will be given to candidates keen to learn these essential skills.
You will need to mark-up home and landing pages in accessible W3C valid XHTML & CSS code using Adobe Dreamweaver (or strong alternative HTML editor of your choice). You will need to produce optimised images and graphics for the web and in PDF files.

You will need to undertake testing of websites in different web browsers and resolutions, and fix errors. You will need to upload website files via FTP (Filezilla or preferred alternative) and test website after launch.

Desirable: PHP/ MySQL development experience, logo design experience or willingness to design creative logos, mobile compatible website development also desirable or be willing to learn in-house.

Please apply by emailing your CV and/or a covering letter to:

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