If You Build An eCommerce Site

If You Build An eCommerce Site, They Will Not Come.

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So you may be sitting on a brand new eCommerce site and wondering why nobody has bought anything yet. The ‘if you build it, they will come’ approach hasn’t worked for you and most likely it hasn’t for many others. The underlining truth is that building an eCommerce site, or any other site for that matter is not enough these days, you need to do a lot more to increase your organic search volume of your site and start generating conversions. Don’t know how to do that? It’s okay, we got you covered…

What my customers are doing…

Firstly, here are a few facts regarding your potential customers and what they are currently doing online:

61% of global internet users are researching products online.

44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine.

Users that are reading blog posts are 50% more likely to convert to buying a product.

So first things first, you need to blog, that simple. Companies that do have 97% more inbound links (i.e. incoming links to a website or webpage), frequently blogging and additional inbound links can impact customer acquisition and page rank. For more marketing statistics, visit Hubspot’s Marketing Statistics.

I have a blog, now what?

Now that you have a blog and you’re frequently writing posts, after a while you will either start seeing a significant difference in the amount of traffic on your site, or no major improvement. If you are dealing with the latter, the main reason might be that you are either writing bland product featured posts, not writing enough content or writing duplicate content (unoriginal content that has been copied).

If you are new to blogging, the key is to gain social shares (blogs that are shared via social media) on product featured or information heavy posts and to focus on the ‘x-factor’. The ‘X-factor’ is usually the elephant in the room, the part that everyone knows about, but no one really talks about. People love it when things are called out, and this is the kind of content that goes viral consistently.

So be confrontational with your blogging, take for instance this blog, we have basically said what is the point in building an eCommerce site when your audience don’t show up, but we go on to justify why and our solution. There are also many different types of content not just product featured posts you can try out such as evergreen, time relevant or informative blog posts.

Blog examples…

If you were to write an article on a supplement that is suppose to improve your quality of life by drinking it every morning. I wouldn’t focus on the boring bits, I would focus on the fact that it is a legal, non toxic, non-harmful, high-testosterone organic steroid. I would focus on the fact that the supplement has been compared to the fountain of youth. I would focus on the fact that taking the stuff gives you wolverine-like immunity and healing capabilities.

Another example: Using out of the ordinary manipulation of social queues to consistently go viral. e.g. American Apparel had Sasha Grey (a known porn star) to model lingerie.

The point is you need to find your special quality that you can show to everyone, your solution to a complicated problem that no one wants to discuss, when that time comes, that is when you will never stop receiving search traffic.

The SEO benefits of content…

Let’s get real with SEO. If you think about the future of search (Content, SEO, Marketing) the possibilities are endless, it can sometimes be daunting on how much there is you can do, but every possibility always leads back to one fact, If you consistently write to solve a problem, then it is likely that you will always get traffic. Your information will be pulled by engines automatically, and your site/page/blog in time will become the number one resource.

The thing is in every search query, your customers are looking for information, whether it is local or historical of the product, it all equates to information on some scale. This is the point of content marketing. We are trying to solve the problems that search engines want us to solve, and search engines are lining our content up as customers pick the most authoritative content.

Everyone has an end-goal when using search engines. You go to Google to solve your end goal. There will always be people searching for information. Google will have to pull information from somewhere. The point is putting out content that is great enough to answer the questions users are asking, your industry is asking or the audience you are trying to target are asking will always be a very profitable endeavour. Content will always matter for your customers and search engines, if you’re doing it right.

We hope that the above clears any problems that you may currently be having with your eCommerce traffic, if you still are, not to worry… email us at info@websquare.co.uk and we can provide you with an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

p.s. The blog image is from the film ‘Field Of Dreams’ where the quote “If you build it, they will come” was used and hence where the title of this blog came from, clever right?

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