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It’s finally here, so what do you think? How awesome does the new site look compared to the old one? We thought it was about time we took Websquare towards that next giant step for webkind, but in order for us to fulfil this, we needed a serious face lift. The old site was significantly outdated and wasn’t in line with the latest web design trends and styles, and we saw that this reflected badly on Websquare as a company.

Initially when Websquare launched we focused only on building our Web design portfolio. We excelled and built world class sites, but as time went on there was a growing need to offer additional services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing and PPC services, so some years ago we expanded into these fields.
The sheer size and scope of how big the agency had grown within just a few years now warranted a full redesign. Websquare had gone from designing websites to being a full blown digital agency. The presence of the old site just didn’t represent what the company currently has to offer. We are so much more than just a web design agency now, and considered to be a multi-disciplinary digital agency edging closer and closer to on and offline branding and marketing.

Furthermore, our approach for the new site is to educate our clients and not just do the job for them. We want to see our clients increase in their knowledge about online marketing and so we decided that our new site should also be an information resource where key team members can share their expert knowledge of web design, programming, SEO and marketing. Our old site simply didn’t reflect all the of this very well at all..so it’s time to say “Sayonara” to the old Websquare site and a warm “Ola” to the new Websquare site.

Before the redesign…

In this day and age the web-savvy customer is relying on the internet to give them a better idea of what our company has to offer them. We believe the first impressions are important in that initial searching phase, especially when there is potential in the design of the site to have a greater influence in their decision to commission work with us. Firstly, the redesign has outlined the major areas that needed improving on, such as fixing the design, navigation, user experience and reorganising the site architecture. We also brainstormed and went through various cycles. Our MD, Tanveer, was directly involved in overlooking each aspect of this website.

websquare's new site brainstorm

Websquare’s brainstorm of the new site

Defining a strategy and setting goals have been pivotal in modifying our web design, making sure that the design would attract the right target audience and meet users’ needs. It has been an iterative process and a lot of time was put into both design and development. Every part of the website also showcases different techniques and new trends in web development.

websquare updated sitemap

Websquare’s initial sitemap

During the redesign…

We wanted to present our quirky side but at the same time wanted to reflect that we are a serious agency with a lot of knowledge about the technical aspects of design and digital marketing. The initial design of the new site came together relatively quickly and everyone working on the new site had a similar vision of how the site would look. Every idea was brought together and discussed by the team and we decided that the site needed to have a vibrant, minimalist design that uses simple navigation, clean web elements, animation, typography and well organised content making it easier to access our information and providing a more interactive experience.

We also wanted to deliver new web design trends that made our agency stand out from the crowd. Parallax scrolling was introduced, which gave an interesting touch to the site. This technique was originally used for video games, where 2 dimensional objects are placed on different layers and moved in the same direction in different speeds. This added parallax scrolling has become a popular interactive element for web design in 2013. These little touch ups such as the parallax background, roll over effects and animations have boosted interactivity and bring the website to life.

Relaunch problems…

There was always room for improvement when it came to what we delivered for the new site, but time was always an issue with this project, things fell on the wayside. The problem with this kind of project is that it had to be done within the team’s downtime, which made it difficult to focus and prioritise work. The project was not a one-person show, all of Websquare had to be involved in generating ideas, design, development, and content writing. We were constantly looking to improve on the site and worked together to enhance the digital experience for our target audience.

Content, content and more content…

Content has been a very important aspect since the start of the redesign, the reason being that content is necessary in order for an agency, who are essentially promoting their services, to be able to fully articulate all those services they provide. Secondly, results found in search engines are content driven. When Google is crawling through your page, they are actually crawling through the content therefore information that is relevant to the company will rank higher and gain more traffic.

We must admit the content was no walk in the park. The overwhelming task of writing content for each page was shared between the Websquare team. Even then it was a challenge to finish it, but we believe this effort did not go in vain and will make a big difference from an SEO perspective.

Pre relaunch…

Before we launched, it was extremely important for us to go back and re-evaluate our SEO and 301 redirects. The old site was attracting a significant amount of search engine traffic for a number of important keywords. It was the perfect time to implement our 301 redirects as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites pointing links to Websquare, which are extremely valuable from an SEO standpoint. We don’t want to lose them any time soon. The redesign also opened up new ranking opportunities. Our head of search has done a significant amount of research using our web analytics and has identified new ranking factors and researched new search trends that Websquare can take advantage of to gain more traffic. Armed with this data, we had a very good idea of what keywords were needed for each page to be targeted and incorporate into the new site.

Post relaunch…

Our next step is to shout about our new site, with all honesty this site took us a fair bit of time to perfect, we are really proud of how it all turned out and will continue to promote the site post launch. We are essentially entering a newer market by adding significant new services, our next step is to build on the brand, making sure that the website reflects the new services we provide, as well as the visual side of the branding e.g. banners, business cards, brochures etc. Marketing elements such as emails signatures, e-books, and reports also require the same quality and consistency as the new site.

It is important for us to keep the company in shape and maintaining a strong lead generation post launch means that capturing interest in our new services will be hell of a lot easier in developing potential leads. Lead generation techniques such as our free ‘7 Easy Steps to Ranking Your Site on the First Page of Google’ ebook work significantly well in leveraging potential leads.

So, there it is…we hope you like the new Websquare website and hope that this information has been insightful for your redesigns, let us know what you think of it. Are you considering a redesign of your own website? Drop Websquare an email at info@websquare.co.uk

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