‘On Websites’ Blog Series: 5 Reasons Why Design Matters for your Business Website

‘On Websites’ Blog Series: 5 Reasons Why Design Matters for your Business Website

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Your website will make the visual first impression, several seconds before information is sought about your business. So, paying attention to design can have latent and sustained benefits to your business online. Check out these 5 key reasons why design matters for your business website:

Quality web design can go a long way to aiding your marketing and promotions, cost effectively…

Compare a website to spending on advertising in magazines and newspapers; which will be presented for a limited period of time. Now consider a website that exists 24/7 for your target audience, and continues to promote your business in your absence. Wouldn’t you pay more attention to your website’s design knowing this difference?

Show that you’ve thought about your customers as central to your business…

A website designed with your customers in mind, can strongly initiate your pre-sales process and help start addressing their problems with your business solutions. Design can help sign-post, direct and highlight key features & benefits. With a website, you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to your customers, whilst assuring them that you can deliver what they need.

Let your website create a professional first, and lasting impression…

Your website should be designed to create a fantastic first impression, especially when you’re not always going to be around to make it! You can always direct your customers to your website for more information, so they’re left with added value and an increased chance of engaging with your business. Use your website for first and last impressions to your utmost advantage!

Distinguish yourself from your competitors…

As experienced web designers, we’ve seen bad examples of websites for pretty much every industry or market. Your market will be no exception. Businesses that present themselves with good design and quality content simply offer far more value to the customers than competitors who don’t. Make the most of your website and it can become your No.1 tool to differentiate from your competitors.

Establish your brand with confidence and trust…

A business website designed to the needs of your industry/market/sector, along with good practices in helping people navigate your website, serves to function as more than an online brochure. It helps establish trust in your business. A poorly designed website can disrupt any of the above reasons, and so damage the credibility of your business online.

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