Optimising Sales in an Online Store – Short and to the Point

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Some time ago, I came across three videos titled Google Analytics in Real Life made by the Google Analytics team. These films illustrate the issue of web usability, particularly useful in an online store, in a simple and humorous way. They relate to the following topics:

  • Optimisation of your landing page (in terms of the product page)
  • Effectiveness of internal search engine on the website
  • Importance of a simple and easy to use checkout process

Watch the videos below and enjoy.

Google Analytics In Real Life – Landing Page Optimisation

How do you build and optimise your product page? Has the landing page of your online store been built in a way that will actually help your customers make the decision to buy the product? Is cross-selling and up-selling needed? These are the questions asked by every conscious designer.

If the user is on the product page, this indicates that he is interested in your product. This does not mean, however, interested in purchasing the product at this very moment. If this is the case, we should facilitate, help and convince a user to buy the product.

Google Analytics In Real Life – Site Search

The internal search engine is one of the most difficult elements to implement on any website. There are many variables which creates a lack of simplicity. Of course it is possible to build a search engine that is user-friendly, but it requires good cooperation between the developer and information architect. You need to consider which variables are necessary to be included. There are few simple question which might help with this process:

  • What elements of the website should be taken into account during the search?
  • What should be the order of words in the search phrase?
  • What should be the importance of each category?
  • etc.

Google Analytics In Real Life – Online Checkout

Ease of navigation, ease of communication, understanding why we require such specific data. These are the key elements required to create a user-friendly checkout.
If the customer has added a product to the cart, it means that there is a 95% chance he is determined to buy this product therefore, we should not complicate the checkout process. An easy way to verify that the purchasing process is transparent, is to use a third party – husband, wife, child or neighbour, and track the checkout process. A simple test which may provide an opportunity to make interesting observations.

Is it Worth it to Optimise Your Online Store?

Unquestionably. Optimisation allows you to achieve significant gains. In the case of an online store it would be sales.
How to optimise? Analyze the results using analytical tools and carry out tests on the basis of which it is possible to draw conclusions which allow you to implement new efficient solutions.

Checkout the Google Analytics YouTube channel for more interesting videos related to this topic.

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