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Google Penguin algorithm is here to fight web spam. Google Penguin is the latest change from Google to crack down on aggressive web spam tactics used by black hat SEOs. The primary focus in this update of the algorithm is to reduce the rankings of low quality sites, content mills and sites that don’t generate enough interest.

Prior to Panda (the first algorithm implemented before Penguin) web searches were being dominated by content factories that would churn out content with the sole intention of gaining higher ranking in Google search results.

From April 24th, the launch has caused a lot of outcries on some of the websites that were top ranking. Google is cracking down on the large amount of low quality spam in keyword stuffing as part of the company’s SEO strategy. This will ensure spam sites will be penalized and kept underneath the sites that have worthy content and get the ranking they deserve.

Other tactics you are penalized for include:

– using link schemes designed to increase a site’s PageRank
– unnatural link profile
– keyword focused anchor text
– unnatural growth of links pointing to a website
– copying/spinning of original content to create new pages

When this update produces its results many of these websites, which were ranked in the first page by keyword stuffing will disappear from Google searches overnight.

Have you been affected by Google Penguin?

Speak to us if you have been affected by the update and we can advise you better on what steps to take, what is best for your Search Engine Optimisation.

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