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The team’s dedication and focus on quality and excellent service is being recognised nationally. A growing pattern has started to emerge amongst our clients and that is once they use us for their Web Design needs it seems pointless to them to go elsewhere in the future. James Caan is no different; he is able to recognise quality and good service when it is delivered. So it comes as no surprise to us that James has now made Websquare the first choice for all his Web Design and Development needs. With a constantly growing portfolio of businesses James required a team of dedicated professionals he could rely on to deliver the best in order to give his portfolio of businesses the optimal online exposure. Websquare were able to deliver on those expectations and therefore he now refers to Websquare for his Web Development needs.

So how does a company based in the North reach out to businesses on a National scale and convince clients as reputable as James Caan to work with us? Well the answer is quite simple, it is because our unique approach to Web Design is not just about making websites look good, but we have more of a scientific approach where we ensure that our websites are the most user-friendly based on web usability studies and research. Often we find that many creative web design agencies try to impress their clients by placing the emphasis on making things look good, and completely lose focus on the ease of use of any such websites. A website that looks good but doesn’t effectively convert visitors into customers is deficient of the purpose for which it was created. On the other end of the spectrum, some web design agencies focus so much on making the website user-friendly and easy to use that their websites lack any creative flare. This is where Websquare separates itself from the others, we do not compromise on usability and ease of use in order to just make a website look good, nor do we compromise on producing creativity and great design while trying to make a website simple and easy to use. Websquare know exactly how to strike a perfect balance between creativity and usability.

For example, the following website was developed for the James Caan Foundation (www.theJCF.co.uk). After careful consultation with Hanah Caan who is the head of James’ charity, we decided we wanted to create a look and feel which was unique and impactful on the visitor. We wanted to create a visual appearance that didn’t follow the conventional charity sites but instead wanted something that was highly creative. The challenge here was to make it creative but at the same time ensure that the navigation was simple and easy while the primary purpose of encouraging people to donate wasn’t lost in the design. One only needs to visit www.theJCF.co.uk to appreciate how Websquare accomplished this.

Please also visit www.hbvp.co.uk. This is the most recent website Websquare have built for another project we were requested to do for James Caan.

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