Websquare Inspire Web Designers of the Future

Websquare Inspire Web Designers of the Future

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Websquare warmly welcome the students of Carlton Bowling College by presenting the business of web design, and exciting them to a future career in the web and creative industries.

The students of Carton Bowling College were invited to Carlisle Business Centre, where a conference suite was booked to enlighten the young designers and developers of the future. The presentation covered the process of designing, developing and launching a website for a client as well as ongoing aspects of communication, teamwork and meeting deadlines.

Websquare present on web design business to college students

Students came to the presentation intrigued and left the business centre feeling energized and stimulated! We strongly believe that practical, real-world insight into web development is important for students alongside their formal education in graphic, web and illustrative design. We hope to offer more presentations to local colleges and other educational establishments.

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