What to look for in a Web Design Agency

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Are you looking for a new Digital Design Agency and finding the experience truly daunting?
We get many clients coming to us after approaching reams of digital agencies and end up totally befuddled.
These are some of the things we suggest to our clients when considering investing their money in a re-launch or a brand new website design.

1) Does the agency have a good portfolio?

It is worth considering the type of clients they have in their portfolio. Have you heard of their clients or do they work with a more local customer base? Their client list is normally a good indicator of their history, experience and whether their previous clients match your business.

2) Do you like the style of their existing work?

This gives a good indication of what you will get. You want to know whether your site will have the creative flair you desire and can create the “WOW” factor you want to achieve or the professional feel your site needs. If you do not have this confidence that this for you then maybe they aren’t right for you.

3) Has the agency done similar sort of websites?

This helps. For example, you want a highly customised e-commerce site, you may want to know whether they have had experience delivering these types of sites. No one likes to be the guinea pig at their expense.

4) Do they have other complimentary services they can offer?


This is extremely important as it would be so much easier if you can get your online marketing, print, logo design etc all in one place.

You also need to ensure the agency can show you samples or reports of their previous work to make sure they equally excel in these other areas.

If your future goals are bringing in more customers and greater profits then just a web design agency may not be enough. It is crucial you think forward to grow your business and consider other services, which may help your business succeed.

A full service agency can plan a strategy right from the start otherwise you could waste a lot of money getting a website design which brings you very little return in profit and you could end up paying another company to put this right.

5) Price


The price has to be right. The saying “you get what you pay for” can be the case when it comes to web design.

You don’t want to invest your time and money for a shoddy website which lacks the visual appeal, takes ages to load, breaks easily and brings you minimum return. Everybody wants to get the most out of their money. Get a few quotes, compare what they are offering. A cheap price normally means cutting corners, be extremely careful of this.

6) How are they to work with?

It helps having somebody recommend an agency to you but sometimes this isn’t available. Maybe create a shortlist of agencies that appeal to you the most, get these companies to send you case studies and testimonials and explain to you how they work and their process.

If you have already been in touch with agencies, how quickly do they get back to you? What language do they use? Communication is key. For example: If you come off the phone in a fluster, getting confused with the techy jargon they use or they are pushy or rude to you, this gives a massive clue to whether you feel you could work with them. You should think of this as a long-term investment so investing in the creative team is equally important as the design itself.

7) What do they do after launch?


Some agencies design your website and you may not hear from them for years to come.

You may be lucky and get a few enquiries from your site but wouldn’t you like to make your site as good as it possibly can be? You want to make sure you are getting the relevant visitors to your site. It depends on the nature of your website but normally your aim should be for people to stay on your site, get in touch or buy from you, which is a result for you as it goes straight in your pocket.

Things to consider?

  • How are people going to find you?
    Tips: Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per click, Video marketing etc.
  • How is your website performing? We can’t emphasise how important it is to track your websites performance. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many people are visiting your site and how many are converting to leads? You can use this information to continually grow your site and make improvements based on this to gain those extra leads

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