Why Does Design Matter for my Website?

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As we have mentioned before, design isn’t everything when it comes to your new website. This doesn’t mean we don’t think it is important. Far from it.

What can a Good Design do for my website?:

  • Makes customers want to buy from you. Let’s face it when you land on a shoddy website, it can be an instant off-putter.
  • People are more likely to trust you and buy from you. A website contains a lot of personal details and people want to feel like they can trust you when entering these on your site.
  • Gives you an edge on your competitors if they have a poor design in comparison.
  • Poor design can affect other aspects such as your Google Rankings if they consider your website poor.
  • Backs up all other online activity such as marketing. Marketing is good to get people on to your site, but if people aren’t staying on your site, you aren’t going to get the sales/enquiries you desire.

What Counts as Good Design?

Design can be subjective but if you consider some of these points

  • Clean – Don’t make the site look too cluttered.
  • “Call to action” buttons to make it clear to your site visitors the actions they need to take.
  • Interactivity – makes the user experience a more enjoyable one – make sure you bear in mind your target market in this.
  • Good use of colour.
  • A nice clear layout.
  • Clear Navigation – You want to reduce the number of people getting lost on your site to the minimal as visitors can easily get frustrated and go elsewhere.
  • Is your site compatible with mobile? Your design isn’t good if it breaks on mobile as a huge portion of your visitors will be viewing your site in this way.
  • Make it clear what your services or products are.

How will I know how well my website design is performing?

Making sure you have Google Analytics linked to your site is a good start. If you have a huge bounce rate, this could be sign that people don’t like the look of your site. Also look at the length of time people are staying on your site to have a look around and the average number of pages people are viewing.


Design isn’t everything but first impressions count and contributes to your business success, if your design isn’t up to scratch, people will soon “bounce” back off your site and go elsewhere.

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