Your website is not for you! Make your website with your customers in mind!

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Despite the growing popularity of corporate profiles on social networks your own website is an important marketing channel of any business. It remains irreplaceable in terms of sales and brand image. This means that corporate websites are in need of constant improving.

Very often I come across websites that are outdated, or their content leaves a lot to be desired, and as we all know, the website is a key marketing tool. Your website is a business card, the first contact with the consumer, the first “date”.

If your company does not take care of the content and can not show that it is different from the competition, it is very possible that you will lose a lot of your customers. This equates to the fact that the website is a waste of money and really needs to be thrown away.

The image above all

Corporate image is an image produced in the mind of the consumer. This image must continue to shape and adapt internal and external changes. Company websites, contrary to popular opinion, in most cases, are mostly used as a brand image. Very often, we do not make direct purchases through the website (apartments, cars, tv). The website is only the first step. The form of it will decide whether we want to take the next step, or go to a store.

From the overall image that our site communicates the mass consumer will draw general conclusions about the product. The site must show the company and its various products in an interesting way and be easily recognisable to give customers trust in the quality of your website. We should focus on promoting the benefits that our customers can achieve by buying our product, not just on the real benefit, but also for those with a social dimension, coming from ownership of the product.


Now, many companies believe that the website has to be beautiful and it has to show the advantages of the company, its several-year history, and it must have descriptions of hundreds of products. This is a huge mistake, often catastrophic. The heads of companies and marketing departments compete in the ideas for the colour scheme or the spectacular animations and the most extensive offer. They think this is the way to success.

And yet the truth is that your site should not give a message “Me, Me, Me” but “You, You, You”. It has to transform your visitors into buyers.

Below I list the reasons why your customers may never buy from you:

  • too long and sophisticated texts – the customer does not care about your bragging rights or accurate history of the company, the content is designed to show the benefits of the offer, and has to show how the product or service will help his/her life
  • lack of trust – hard to find the contact information, or not given the exact address data, which means that the company can not be registered and may be some “swindle”
  • there is no evidence that could confirm company’s experience – customer turning to your company believe that you are an expert in your field – he is looking for your development, certificates, references, publications, companies you’ve worked, etc.
  • confusing offer – there are customers who do not know what they want and are looking for help in this topic – they do not want to see the extensive technical descriptions because they do not understand it – they want you to show them that the product will be perfect for him, and why
  • outdated information – out of date information, recent news dated few years back, may be associated with bankruptcy of the company
  • lack of interaction with the user – that is encouragement to take advantage of offers such as through a clear “Call to Action” such as “Request a free brochure”, “Request more information”, “Test product”

So why destroy the image of your own company?

The main purpose of the website, as indeed of every marketing message is to show the benefits that customers can achieve by using your offer. You have to give him reasons to buy from You.

You should focus on the target customer – on what he is looking on your website, why he is looking and what can he gain and what you can give him other than what the competition offers.

So you need to satisfy his needs and of course make his visit on your website more enjoyable through a fabulous easy navigation and content so composed that everything is understandable.

Think about it. Do you buy from someone because he says he is the best or the cheapest on the market? That’s it. You’re not interested. You want to know why you have to spend money on his services and that you are confident that you will get what you want.

Here you count things like:

  • ease of navigation and procedures designed to make purchasing
  • advice and expertise
  • benefits language
  • sense of security
  • the rate of reaction
  • trust

I think the look of the website is also a factor, so it is a sort of “cherry on the cake”.

If you will not make purchase process more enjoyable to the customer, even the best photos product, the largest selection and lowest prices of goods on the market will not help you.

Old and indestructible principle of marketing: “Content Is King”

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