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Content Engine 2.0

Posted by Websquare on in Case Studies, SEO
As a start-up business owner, you probably just realising the importance of content and feeling the relentless, time-consuming act of producing massive amounts of content to stay competitive in Google search. Like a bonfire, you feel like you’re obligated to produce content to prevent your business from burning out..but this is not the case. What ...
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If You Build An eCommerce Site

If You Build An eCommerce Site, They Will Not Come.

Posted by Websquare on in Case Studies, Ecommerce, SEO
So you may be sitting on a brand new eCommerce site and wondering why nobody has bought anything yet. The ‘if you build it, they will come’ approach hasn’t worked for you and most likely it hasn’t for many others. The underlining truth is that building an eCommerce site, or any other site for that ...
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SEO trends and how the field keeps changing

SEO trends & how the field keeps changing

Posted by Websquare on in SEO
I have worked in the SEO field now for several years and one thing that is ever so consistent is the way that the game keeps changing. For example, the search engines at one point claimed that guest blogging is a great way to optimize your site and a great way to get links, and ...
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5 Types of Content

5 Types of Content that you need to Increase your Online Visibility

Posted by Websquare on in Newsroom
If you are a small business benefiting in moving digital, you may be wondering what types of content are available for you to focus on increasing your visibility, such as sharing and marketing content via blogs and social networks. Well, it all depends on the audience that you want to reach, by determining what channels ...
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Content is King

Content is King

Posted by Websquare on in SEO
Content is one of the key components that contributes to repeat visits and user acceptance. So we must favor designs that are transparent, not over-decorated and above all – where the content is the star of the show.
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