Facebook Audience Types

Facebook Audience Types

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Audiences on Facebook offer some of the best targeting options available anywhere, period. Knowing which type of audience and interests to use will excel your marketing to the next level. There are 3 Main Audience Types when Marketing on Facebook: * 1. Saved Audiences * 2. Custom Audiences * 3. Lookalike Audiences They are additional ...
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If You Build An eCommerce Site

If You Build An eCommerce Site, They Will Not Come.

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So you may be sitting on a brand new eCommerce site and wondering why nobody has bought anything yet. The ‘if you build it, they will come’ approach hasn’t worked for you and most likely it hasn’t for many others. The underlining truth is that building an eCommerce site, or any other site for that ...
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7 Reasons Why Websquare Are A Perfect Fit For You

7 Reasons why Websquare is a perfect fit for you.

Posted by Websquare on in Case Studies, Web Design
1. We’ll make your website stand out from the competition To have an effective website, you need to be able to attract visitors and organise a procedure where you can turn those visitors into paying customers. Unfortunately, this is where many businesses struggle. At Websquare, not only will we be able to attract a high ...
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How Not To Use Social Media

How Not To Use Social Media

Posted by Websquare on in Case Studies, Social Media
Social Media is a huge marketing tool for those who use it correctly. It gives the user an opportunity to communicate with people in ways that were unheard of just a short decade ago. With Facebook and Twitter holding approximately 1.5 billion active users combined, Social Media continues to grow at a stratospheric rate, with ...
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5 Types of Content

5 Types of Content that you need to Increase your Online Visibility

Posted by Websquare on in Newsroom
If you are a small business benefiting in moving digital, you may be wondering what types of content are available for you to focus on increasing your visibility, such as sharing and marketing content via blogs and social networks. Well, it all depends on the audience that you want to reach, by determining what channels ...
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Quit your job to get a job

Posted by Websquare on in Social Media
How to quit your job in style? You can throw your monitor out the window or pee in the elevator. But after such an action you would probably have burnt your bridges.
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