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Content Engine 2.0

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As a start-up business owner, you probably just realising the importance of content and feeling the relentless, time-consuming act of producing massive amounts of content to stay competitive in Google search. Like a bonfire, you feel like you’re obligated to produce content to prevent your business from burning out..but this is not the case. What ...
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7 Reasons Why Websquare Are A Perfect Fit For You

7 Reasons why Websquare is a perfect fit for you.

Posted by on in Case Studies, Web Design
1. We’ll make your website stand out from the competition To have an effective website, you need to be able to attract visitors and organise a procedure where you can turn those visitors into paying customers. Unfortunately, this is where many businesses struggle. At Websquare, not only will we be able to attract a high ...
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How Your Business Should Use Facebook

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Everyone knows about Facebook. If you don’t, then where have you been for the last 10 years? Facebook is a tool that was initially designed to keep you in touch with your friends. Societal features such as tagging yourself in pictures, creating groups and events, and an instant chat messenger are just a few reasons ...
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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Write A Blog

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Whether you are thinking about starting your new online business or you already have, and you’re not sure about the direction you should be going in, there is one key component that you need to include on your website: A corporate blog. You need to keep all of your contents up to date, which means ...
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How Not To Use Social Media

How Not To Use Social Media

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Social Media is a huge marketing tool for those who use it correctly. It gives the user an opportunity to communicate with people in ways that were unheard of just a short decade ago. With Facebook and Twitter holding approximately 1.5 billion active users combined, Social Media continues to grow at a stratospheric rate, with ...
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The IT Crowd The Internet

Social Media trends to look out for in 2014

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We have entered 2014, where hover boards don’t exist yet, but unfamiliar digital marketing spaces do, and where almost half of the global population now have access to the internet. The way we consume content is constantly evolving, which allows for new challenges and opportunities for social networks to improve upon. This post focuses on ...
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