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What does the start of 2020 and beyond hold for agencies like Websquare. Agencies like us need to adapt to the ever-changing landscape in order to thrive, and we know that we’re on the path of achieving growth. If you’re looking to grow your agency and thrive in 2020, this is one you will not want to miss.

What is the Future State of Agencies

If you’re going to start an agency you better have marketing experience. We get calls and emails from people wanting to start an agency and want to get in new clients. Our response is don’t. Go work for someone, get them to teach you, and then start your agency. Depending on what kind of agency you’re building, having a distributed workforce is either a benefit or a curse. For us, maintaining the culture with a remote team is really difficult. We do believe that remote work systems work when you have highly skilled, self-driven employees, but if you’re trying to build something bigger then it’s going to be really difficult. For us, that never worked out. Having a team in-house is the way but a remote business might work for you.

The early days of Websquare

In the early days, Websquare took on everything. The first team was made of a handful of specialists in multiple fields. We would bring in clients and then allocate them to the experts that fit their needs. Now, each expert has their own specialist area such as email marketing, Facebook, search, web design, and app development. When each expert has a full schedule, we’d hire another! British agencies like ourselves hire the best designers and developers in our industry.

The next big thing an agency can do to grow

Our growth hasn’t been a curve, it’s been a staircase! We get to the top of a staircase and stay stagnant while we figure out how to grow to the next level. Most agencies don’t evolve in this industry, they decay and age. They get stuck in a one-dimensional trap of what works. But UK agencies like Websquare constantly generate new ideas as marketing and development of new technologies and digital products emerge. Without new ideas, agencies will stagnate, and flatline their growth. Right now we’re expanding from U.K. to Kuwait, like we grew our U.K. office. Our UK office has a wealth of experience and marketing talent, with disciplines covering over 25 sectors, which we don’t think is as freely available within the Kuwait market.

Whats the client on-boarding process like?

We sign a client, they choose what department they want to work with. We ask them questions to know what they are excited about. Then we look into our team and ask: who would like to work on this, who has knowledge in this industry, and who has the bandwidth. Then we have a kickoff meeting. We’re recently worked on an internal app, everyone downloaded it to their phones. The concept is, you’re in this with us. this is a team effort.

Some takeaways.

We always try to be better at our craft. With any business, not just agencies, If your products and/or services are top-notch, everything else comes with it. Have a very simple business model. As you grow, don’t over complicate things. If you can be really good at marketing, everything else is easy. That’s where agencies like us come into the equation.


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