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The Social Traffic And Conversion Formula

All traffic works at some price. Imagine cutting your traffic costs by 2/3’s or more. In this we will share three big strategies that allows you to buy traffic at 50-80% below what ordinary competitors pay, effectively wholesale traffic. If you can buy your traffic at half the price of your competitor, you’ve beat them. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

In our experience, these 4 things have the biggest potential to improve your paid traffic campaigns.

1. Kill The Ponies

It has to get 8,000 impressions in a 3-day window in order to continue being shown.

From there, increase the budget on campaigns that win by 1% per hour. If the campaign acquires over a £10 CPA, it gets inactivated (this is the pony). 

This strategy allows you to scale 2x while lowering your CPAs and increasing your volume.

It’s simple, but it works. This has been our #1 biggest needle-mover for wholesale traffic on Facebook.

2. Social Stacking

The Facebook default is to create a new ad set for each new ad, which spreads out your social interaction (likes, shares, comments) across many different ads. This is NOT what you want.

Instead, you want to put all of your ads in one ad set so all of the social interactions stack on to that ad set. Find a Facebook ad or post that has a lot of likes and comments and then create a new ad using that.

This is called “social stacking,” and it’s really effective for reducing your CPAs.

Use Existing Post Number To Keep All the Social Interactions within that Post (it is a number in the FB URL that you add to “use existing post”

Another social stacking strategy is to launch 3 identical new campaigns simultaneously. The campaign is completely the same, and the budget gets split between them evenly.

Over time you’ll see that each campaign gets a different conversion rate, and you can choose the one with the lowest CPC.

3. Hybrid Traffic

Start with a cold audience and then slowly increase the amount of new audiences introduced to the campaign. Every day, expand your audience by 5 new customised audiences. Over time these compounds and drives our CPC lower.

Then, remarket to them.

4. Contests

Contests have the lowest CPL (Cost Per Lead) for lead generation. We boost the contests by using social stacking. In some cases, we even get more organic traffic than paid traffic.

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