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What makes Elon Musk different?

They’re people in this world who make the impossible happen.

Elon is one of them. He’s one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and the goal-setting brigade will try and make you believe that’s because he “thinks big” and “has a huge vision”, but I’d encourage you to dig a little deeper…

I think Elon’s dream of colonizing Mars is a huge and inspiring one, but the vision itself is a pre-requisite. By itself, it does NOT make him great.

You know many people who have huge dreams and yet do very little about them, so unsurprisingly they make very little progress. Elon is a master of both having the big vision, but also getting into the plan in intricate detail. 

It is quite incredible in the sense that he is an engineer and a designer, and less business orientated compared to CEOs. Elon is really focused on the first principles of the physics level of the problems that are being solved, whether that’s SpaceX with the fundamentals of reusable rockets, going into deep space and colonising Mars, to whether that’s in neuro-link, getting to the core of the fundamentals of what it’s like to have a computer communicate with a human brain, and with Tesla, on the battery and throwing away the conventional thinking on what is required to build an appealing electric car.

Elon boldly stated that he could build an AI within a few months (not years) that’s able to drive autonomously. Most roboticists from the DARPA challenges would laugh at that idea, they know how hard this challenge is. Not only did he throw away Lidar, which is the laser-based sensor, but we’re going to use cameras only and deep machine learning, which is a system that learns from scratch and we’re going to teach it to drive.    

Elon stops the bullshit in thinking that a task is impossible, rather he questions why it is impossible, is it really impossible? Of course not.

In the video, Elon demonstrates many of the problems they have already solved in order to hit their goal, but also many more that they are still working on!

And I believe THAT is the difference that makes ALL the difference!

If you look at the most successful business leaders of modern times, whether it be a Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, all of them have had both 

  • an incredible vision and 
  • amazing attention to detail when it comes down to the actual plan of getting things done.

Why is this critical to you and your business?

The vast majority of business owners want to grow their businesses and yet most will fail miserably.

And the vast majority of business owners do NOT have a detailed strategic plan as to how they will achieve their goals.

And I don’t think those last two statements are a coincidence. Do you?

A dream without a plan is just a dream. It becomes a goal when you’ve got a written plan and a deadline for its achievement.

They’re people in this world who make the impossible happen…and you could be one of them. Let’s find out more about developing a good strategic plan for your business.


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