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This pricing calculator lets you explore our services and create an estimate for the cost of your app, site or project. We can model your features before building them, explore the price points and calculations behind your estimate,  which will hopefully allow you to make an informed decision about using our services.

This calculator is useful for people who want to get a clear estimate of how much your app, website or project will cost. You don’t need any prior experience in using our pricing calculator, but if you would like any guidance or would like us to contact you more directly, you can schedule a meeting or call us on 01274 223292.

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And, if you don’t understand the form at any stage (there are some technical details) then just get in touch with us at [email protected]
and we can provide you a custom price.

*Note: all price calculations are estimates to give you an idea of the likely cost to build your custom app or website, for a final and accurate quote for any services provided by Websquare please contact us directly.

Welcome to Websquare

We’re a digital agency that delivers the services, teams and expertise you might be missing inhouse. 

Our Clients

Our clients come in all different shapes and sizes, from startups to full enterprise, and they’re all pioneers and digital game-changers in their fields.

Our Clients

Our clients come in all different shapes and sizes, from startups to full enterprise, and they’re all pioneers and digital game-changers in their respective fields.

Our Work

Take a peek at some of our latest projects.

Designing a consistent UI experience for B2B.
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Pure Matrimony
The world’s largest matrimonial apps serving single Muslims.
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Warba Bank
Innovative internal training app to empower their non-sales staff to become brand and product ambassadors.
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Shorts Lifts
To facilitate the ordering of spare lift parts with eCommerce.
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Our Services

Our services are designed to help you no matter what stage of the development journey you are at – from discovery, design and business strategy – right through to development and marketing.

At Websquare we believe that startups should be able scale in their own way, at their own pace, without taking on the risk and responsibilities of hiring massive new teams.

We provide agile teams, custom packages and up front pricing to help founders and startups of all sizes scale faster (and focus on their products, not hiring new expertise!) through software design, development, marketing and support services.

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Account Development Manager

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