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Organic Growth Propelled By Viral Content

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Content is only as good as its virality


[vahy-ral-i-tee] noun

Content that is circulated rapidly and widely from one user to another.

Especially when Viral Content increases the growth of Facebook Pages

With over 10 years experience in viral content strategy, we have generated over 1.5 billion video views and over 3 million followers on Facebook Pages such as Mike Tyson, Snoop Dogg & many other Brands, Celebrities & Influencers.

We post Viral Content that grows your Facebook Page.


Perceived Method of Viral Videos on Facebook

Step 1


We will need Facebook Access to your page to set certain configurations to start posting videos. We can then understand how your content is performing and how content can be improved based on your insights.

Step 2


After we have access to start posting, we trial your page with posts for 3 days, then we will extend that to 30 days. If everything is going great, we could have you onboard with a yearly contract.

Step 3


We will post quality video content that will foster engagement and an audience-catered experience, while following Facebook’s Community Standards.

Step 4


Increase in followers and likes. We will leverage insights to better understand the performance of your content and tailor the experience to your viewers.

What We Post: Curated Viral Videos

We use the most up-to-date and comprehensive user-generated viral videos that follow Facebook’s Community Standards, from DIY, Animal Rescue, Health & Fitness, Food, Fashion, Beauty, Pranks, Comedy & More!

Celebrities & Influencers we've worked with

We have managed the Facebook Pages of Carmen Electra, Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dogg & more!

Carmen Electra

Charlie Sheen

Snoop Dogg

+ more

Celebrities & Influencers we've worked with

We have worked with Brands like BraveBison (UK), ViralThread (UK), Nameless Network (USA), Blossom (USA), Aol (USA), LittleThings (USA), Diply (Canada), Brightside (Russia), boredpanda (Lithuania) & more!



Nameless Network


Viral Thread

+ more

Results Achieved: Instream Ad Earnings

This is an example of views and revenue generated by our own viral content being posted on an Influencer’s Facebook Page.

Massive Engagement

Our viral entertainment content will give you increased visibility and engagement. Prepare for rapid social media engagement growth as a result.

Monthly Revenue

We will help you monetize your content and create an additional stream of income, generating monthly revenue for you.

We make money via user-friendly in-stream ads. The ads are shown to a selective and targeted audience who watch the video for at least one minute.

These ads generate revenue.

Websquare is a digital content production, advertising, and distribution agency that manages content, monetization and growth for brands, celebrities, new media companies, sports stars and influencers with relevant and engaging content for millions of viewers monthly.

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