Email is one of the highest ROI producers among digital marketing channels. We help our clients deliver email messaging that customers want to receive.

Email is smarter and stronger than ever.

Email delivers the right content to the right person at the right time and is accessible to everyone regardless of technical ability, industry or budget. Email marketing continues to be one of the top-performing tactics to reach your audience and should not be underestimated. 

Websquare can improve the quality of your email lists and create emails that drive consistent, revenue-producing campaigns, powering better automation and personalisation for greater engagement.  

More than 68% of emails are being opened on mobile devices. We can fine-tune your automated email campaigns with advanced segmentation and time optimised sending, so you have complete control over not just what the message contains, but who gets it and when. Websquare will set you up for success by providing pre-packaged customer journeys that will help you optimise your campaigns better. There is also a huge, untapped potential of SMS, which can be used to compliment your email marketing campaigns by helping you reach your audience with relevant messages precisely when they’re opened.