We have seen for ourselves, in our own statistics, a massive increase in mobile usage.

In this age of Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile devices, your customers expect to view your content with minimum effort. Now the easier you make it, the greater the probability of them staying on your site or app. Here at Websquare, our dedicated mobile development team work passionately to deliver future-proof mobile solutions for all of your mobile requirements.

Between responsive sites that scale elegantly from desktop to mobile browsers and dedicated mobile sites, we understand the necessity to have websites geared towards this shift in the market. We can analyse searches and differentiate between desktop and mobile viewings of a site and understand the importance of mobile solutions for individual sites. We can also provide attractive and functional mobile solutions on popular platforms such as Apple and Android, delivering apps that give our clients another method of reaching their customers.

How We Work

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Like every new app or website you need to get yourself heard. You can now use Google's enhanced campaigns to target mobile devices much more easily through your marketing.

Through our own research and from our own experiences as tech savvy individuals, we have realised that there are a lot of frustrations while browsing the web on a mobile device. Either you cannot access what you are looking for as you land on a very basic and restrictive mobile version or you find a site which hasn’t shown any thought for mobile viewing or been optimised in any way to support new browsing trends.

Websquare will plan the best solution for your app or website, giving your users a great and memorable experience.

What we do:

  • Responsive design
  • Phone Gap App Design and Development
  • Native Apps
  • Mobile Design
  • Mobile Development

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As a trusted organisation internationally we needed to work with a trusted digital agency who now truly understand what we were about and technically solid enough to deliver to a high standard. I’m glad to say...

Mahboob Hussain
Marketing Manager of Mercy Mission World