With our keen insight into the world of online marketing, we are seeing the growing potential of tools such as videos.

We now provide a video production service to our clients which, we feel, will give them the creative edge they need to gain an upper hand within their respective market. The power of viral advertising has been evident since the advent of YouTube in 2006 but, surprisingly, many businesses have been apprehensive about tapping into this market. We truly believe that we can give companies the tools needed for creatively advertising, demonstrating and/or promoting products and services.

Our video production team have a great deal of experience in using the format for promotional purposes. We have the equipment needed to film professional looking videos than can really complement an already established brand. Conversely, we have the creativity to produce videos that can take a brand to the next level.

How We Design

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We Plan. If the only idea you have is that you want a video, fear not. Our creative team are always looking for a new challenge and will brainstorm ideas with our clients. We will take into consideration the purpose of the proposed video and create a plan.

We Film. With industry standard equipment, our videos will have the professional look of television adverts. Our team are experienced in the art of filming and we like to keep things organised. We aim to complete the filming process as efficiently as possible in order to keep costs reasonable and ensure we don't take up too much of our client's time.

We Edit. Once the filming process is finished, we will then take away the raw footage and begin the editing process. We know that, as professionals, our clients expect a professional end product and we aim to deliver just that. We will not rest until we deliver the product our clients ask for and as with the rest of our services, we aim to deliver only the best for our clients.

We Promote. Once we have returned with the final product and are assured that our client is happy with the result, we will then help to integrate these videos into sites and offer advice on using other services, such as social networks, to really push the video onto the customers' screens.

Websquare have experience in all aspects of web design, and online promotion. We aim to show our clients the best possible route in promoting their products and are now happy to offer these video services.

Design Services we Provide

  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Promotional advice
  • Storyboarding

Any not listed? Please feel free to get in touch with the team.

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