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Warba Bank

Islamic Corporate & Investment Bank in Kuwait driving engagement to empower non-sales to become brand ambassadors.

Warba Bank wanted an app to empower staff with the right tools and knowledge to have the opportunity to enhance sales and customer growth.

Warba Bank wanted an app to empower the bank’s staff with the right tools and knowledge so that the majority of the non-sales staff have the opportunity to be engaged in enhancing sales and customer growth. By equipping and encouraging each and every member of staff regardless of rank, role or department, the app could essentially give staff the skills and knowledge to become a brand and product ambassador for Warba Bank. Each member of staff has the potential to become a knowledgeable representative for the bank, advocating the bank’s products and services to their social circles and beyond.

The Solution

Keeping staff motivated and encouraged to participate in learning exercises was important to the success of the app, therefore gamification features and inter-staff/team competitiveness were incorporated into the solution to introduce a new element of “fun” and “camaraderie” never seen within this industry. 

Recognition and rewards within the app are among the top two elements that have motivated employees. Learning strategies, such as Game-Based Learning (GBL) have been utilised to integrate e-learning segments in the app to craft a highly effective and engaging learning experience for the employees. The app seamlessly integrates with other systems and software currently utilised by Warba Bank, future-proofing and built in a more open way to allow for additional iterations.

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