Bespoke Web Design

Using our expertise in the field and passion for delivering the very best in web design, we aim to build tailor-made sites that deliver exactly what our clients need, and then some.

As our extensive website portfolio shows, we rise to the challenge and, using our creative flair and industry knowledge, we always deliver. The team here at Websquare are experts in Web Design, Web Development, E-commerce, CMS and SEO and we can ensure that each project we undertake achieves the success it deserves. We aim to deliver sites that not only work like a charm, but inspire in order to match the vision of each individual client.

Web Development

Whatever our clients require, our development team deliver a website that doesn’t just work but represents the vision and drive of the client.

Our team leave nothing to chance in the development process. We understand that quality is of the utmost importance to our clients and are proud to deliver the highest quality end product every time. Whether it’s responsive front-end templates or intelligent back-end applications we ensure that every aspect goes above and beyond expectations.


With online shopping becoming more and more prominent by the day, we’re here to provide a platform for businesses to benefit from this change.

E-commerce is quickly taking over from the high street as the lead method of shopping. Bearing this in mind, we can build a website using the best E-commerce platforms available. We offer truly effective solutions for clients in order to create an online store that matches the business’ requirements.

Mobile Development

With a future leaning towards mobile browsing, we build sites optimised for the mobile browser and cutting edge apps to give your business the portability so closely associated with the modern world.

We aim to deliver a user experience that scales elegantly for different mobile devices. We are experts in providing a mobile browsing experience and mobile search campaigns. In particular we focus on localised mobile search. With our app developers, we can also offer solutions on the Android and Apple formats.

Search Engine Optimisation

Without Search Engine Optimisation, even the most well designed website will fail to reach its potential.

Our specialists in SEO use their in-depth knowledge of the latest Google SEO guidelines to maximise the marketing potential of our clients’ websites. Using methods such as Google Analytics and SEO keyword footprints, as well as optimising social networks for our clients, we create strategies for digital marketing campaigns. We also offer consultancy and guides so that the client can take their site directly to the customer.

Pay Per Click

Using the latest techniques, our specialists in Pay Per Click marketing aim to deliver a substantial increase of a company’s ROI.

PPC is an ongoing and essential strategy for any business’ marketing efforts. We at Websquare are experts in this field. By finding the key terms that have the highest conversion rates, and spending the most on those, we can get our clients the highest possible ROI. From Facebook PPC, to Google AdWords PPC, we have our clients needs covered to deliver the results.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With social networking growing ever more popular. We at Websquare can implement strategies to market businesses by utilising this trend in their marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing should be at the forefront of any marketing strategy. From Facebook and Twitter, to YouTube and Pinterest and everywhere in between, Webquare will help you achieve further success in your marketing campaigns by using these tools.


A company simply provides a service. A brand provides a world which customers can become a part of.

From logos, themes and colours that run through the sites to print and social media outlets. We here at Websquare, as a brand ourselves, know the importance of brand recognition in building a trust that will lead to brand loyalty. We will ensure that the brand we build will impress our clients as much as it will their clients.


With the power of viral marketing and our professional video producing talents, we can deliver high quality videos to suit any business’ needs.

Boasting industry standard equipment and a wealth of experience in the field, our video production team deliver professional results. From product demonstrations to humorous advertisements, we will work closely with our clients to bring their vision to life through the medium of video.


Visual media is the future of delivering data. From the humorous to the downright shocking, if the data is there, we can design original infographics for all purposes.

Businesses need to keep up with the times and simple graphs and charts no longer cut it. We offer creative and interactive infographics that give data the flair it needs to really reach out to customers. The power of an infographic lies in the sharing aspect. If the data is shocking and/or amazing, with the help of social media outlets, viral exposure is only a matter of time.