About Websquare

At Websquare we offer you more than just a stunning website. As a highly creative, full digital marketing agency, we provide UK and international customers with a vast wealth of industry experience to help your website become a real winner.

From our humble beginnings in 2007 our agency has grown into one of the leading ports of call for digital marketing services in Bradford, West Yorkshire and beyond. Our in-house, UK based team of online marketing strategy experts can offer a holistic approach to internet advertising, social media marketing and website promotion services. Specialists in the field of social media optimisation, PPC, Google AdWords advertising and organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services, we have all your digital needs covered.

As a full digital marketing agency, our end goal and main focus is on generating an impressive ROI for our online clients. Many of our clients would testify that we are a very forward thinking digital marketing agency and that we always deliver what we promise. Our business is powered by people and we are now reaching more people than ever before.


Web Design

Over the years, our dynamic and very creative team have gained a wealth of experience within digital marketing and web design, which is clear to see from our extensive portfolio.

Whatever our customer’s needs, we will drive and challenge ourselves to the ninth degree to achieve the impossible. Our expertise in Web Development, E-commerce, CMS, Social Media and SEO help us to achieve the success our clients expect.

We know that as a business, our clients want their customers to be welcomed onto a site that truly represents the products or services offered. We take into account exactly what the client wants when designing a website. With creativity, passion and an unparalleled understanding of the industry, we’re more than confident that not only will we deliver, but we will do so on time and in budget.



As an agency, our development is all about making things work – efficiency, effectively, powerfully and it has to be said, beautifully.

The development team is made up of highly skilled IT Geeks who are very proud of their work and skills. Our development personnel take so much pride in every single detail of a project, from beginning to end, making sure the quality is at its highest. From responsive, front-end page creation to intelligent, back end applications, our team deliver fully integrated solutions, meeting even the most demanding of requirements.

We work closely with the client in developing a site that delivers exactly what they hope for, and sometimes a little extra for good measure, to ensure they come away with a fresh website that will take the business to a new plateau. As an independent business ourselves, we understand exactly how important a website is to a business in this day and age and assure you, we will work tirelessly to get the desired results.



Latest statistics show more and more people are turning to online shopping to purchase products and services.

As the world grows ever smaller and we begin to dwell in a multi-device and a multi-channel world, E-commerce is playing, and will continue to play, an important part of any company’s online shopping environment and brand experience. We understand that every business believes in its product and it is our job, to provide the sleekest, most user friendly platform for our clients to take that product to the people.

As a full digital marketing company, we can develop, create and build some of the most responsive e-commerce platforms and digital marketing campaigns possible. Our E-commerce websites are built with the aim to deliver a truly effective solution for our partners. This helps to achieve an online store that meets the long term needs of your business and those of your customers, too.



We offer mobile solutions tailored to your individual business. Our websites are built as standard to be accessed through various mobile devices and our app developers are cutting edge with both the iPhone and Android platforms.

We take pride in our ability to provide an elegant user experience and we utilise responsive design techniques that enables your website to be viewed from a variety of screen sizes and mobile devices. For a fully optimised mobile browser experience we are experts in delivering responsive websites and mobile search campaigns, with a particular emphasis on localised mobile search.

If you wish to take the mobile experience further then allow our expert mobile app developers to offer a helping hand. Whether it be an informative service or an intuitive game we will rise to the challenge in developing services for both iPhone and Android platforms.


Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most powerful elements that needs to be taken into consideration whenever one is looking to promote a company online. Having a fantastic website is one thing but selling and providing amazing products and services is absolutely useless if nobody can find your site.

As Yorkshire’s fastest growing digital marketing agency, we continue to remain at the cutting edge of online promotions.

Our search specialists use the latest Google guidelines to promote websites, in order to maximise their full potential. The world is connected through many forms of media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Linkedin etc. This is a vital element for our clients (and ourselves) to connect with, listen to and assist each other to influence people around the world. Using in-depth methods, including Google Analytics and indepth keyword research, we create Social Media Marketing strategies for integrated digital marketing campaigns as well as consultancy and guides for social networks.


Pay Per Click Management

As a full service digital marketing agency, we don’t just create your website and leave you there. We want to help you shout about your new website, get the word out and get the right kind of people visiting your site and buying your products or services.

With our online marketing services, we will identify a strategy which will suit your business needs through advertising, video, the right social media and SEO, etc. which will build your brand presence and give your customers confidence in your online business. Our aim is to increase traffic and, most importantly, to achieve a greater click through rate, getting you more orders or enquiries. We can monitor your site and marketing performance tracking to see which campaigns are most successful or identify areas which can be improved.

This is the advantage of partnering with a full service, digital marketing agency like Websquare; it gives you an opportunity to really promote your brand. We can help you to deliver the full marketing mix.


Social Media Marketing

With the rise of the social media phenomenon and its increasing presence in daily life, Social media marketing has opened up a brand new avenue to target prospective clients and raise brand awareness.

Let our experienced online marketing team analyse your existing social media presence and develop a flexible social media marketing plan to match your business objectives and target market. We’ll identify the right platforms for your social media activities and develop suitable materials to post tweet and publish on our clients behalf.

So whether you need us to implement a Facebook marketing strategy or establish you on Pinterest and Vine, our social media expertise is the ideal investment for your business.


Digital branding has given consumers a new lease of exposure and, as a result, an amazing amount of choice.

A businesses brand is vital in securing new and returning customers. A solid brand is the difference between being just another company or a friendly, reliable face that customers will trust and grow to love.

The digital market in turn is giving brands all sorts of problems. Brands are having to continually reinvent themselves in order to be competitive within a fast moving and ever changing market. The aim of our agency is to aid our clients’ brands to connect and attract their audiences using our creativity, problem solving skills and expertise within the digital marketing sector. We are always building bridges, developing long lasting relationships and we’ll always go the extra mile. We create bespoke strategies for our clients brands to reach the right people, get them excited and keep them coming back for more, more and even more.



In this modern market, it can be a real struggle to stand out from the crowd, so why not let Websquare produce a video which does just that?

People spend hours browsing Youtube for entertainment or to find useful information which will all point back to your brand and build trust and confidence that you really are an authority in your niche and know what you are talking about.

At Websquare, we can offer video production services which will push your business further than ever before. We have seen the power of the video in advertising and understand that, when implemented correctly, a video can take your brand to a whole new level. Whether it be simply advertising the brand, demonstrating a product or introducing customers to the team behind the company, we’re certain that in using our services, you will see unprecedented results.



With visual content providing a more attractive platform to deliver information, we can create custom infographics for your every need.

Do you have a piece of information that you wish to deliver in a unique way? Our graphic designers here at Websquare understand the power of the infographic and use their creativity to deliver infographics that take a refreshing approach to delivering content.

The prime use of an infographic is to take data or statistics, which may be long winded or confusing, and deliver said data in an attractively designed manner. If your website is full of figures and statistics then this method may be the perfect solution. Another benefit of the use of infographics is the viral potential they carry. If your facts and/or figures have the power to surprise or shock the reader then that reader will be much more inclined to share the infographic in comparison to a standard article.