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The Launch Of Websquare’s Lahore Offices

The resurgence of Websquare comes with the launch of 2 new international offices in Lahore: The Tricon Centre & The Township Office.

The Tricon Centre 

Situated in the heart of Lahore, the Tricon Corporate Centre is where the first international office came into existence. This building is the first building of its kind in Lahore and possibly the tallest building in Punjab, consisting of an imposing 18-storey structure, with the most modern, state-of-the-art office facilities designed to host the top corporate organisations in the country, and now us. 

The Township Office

Our Township Office is where the majority of our development team is situated (you will soon find out why…) Take a look inside this spacious Township office space. We highlight the key elements and show you around our agile working environment. 

Open Layout – Websquare has an open layout, which allows the team to see each other making it easier to pull in members from different departments and disciplines to collaborate with relatively short notice and tackle a big initiative head on.


Multiple Meeting Rooms – Flexible meeting rooms for any requirement and plant life to enhance motivation and positivity.


Work Spaces – Individual and flexible work spaces to suit any way of working and designed with comfort and productivity in mind.


Amenities – Access to relaxation facilities, including a lounge, ping-pong table, and kitchen area full of drinks and snacks to give our team that extra fuel boost.

The Deciding Factor

The Pandemic was the deciding factor in Websquare deciding that it was the best time for the business to expand internationally, rather than sitting tight, this was the most crucial time to consider the future of Websquare, as many agencies within our industy were looking to consolidate, Websquare was looking to expand. You can say it was economically justified and beneficial to the sustainability of the business to make this move, so we did, and have never looked back.

This new expansion has given us access to newer markets with great growth potential for creating new services for a global marketplace. We are not limiting ourselves to solely UK clients, we have already worked on our 4th International project.

What We Believe

We strongly believe in treating our team members as adults, by this we mean giving them the autonomy of trust to believe that they will get their work done, while also balancing their individual lives and needs, for instance, we adopt flexible leave policies, flexible work hours and work from home opportunities. We believe that we can trust our team members, and with this trust, they will do their best work. 

With our office culture, we try to emphasise hard work and fun, which fosters creativity. We are a believer in how your physical surroundings affect your mood, productivity, and your mental state, so we have gone into great detail in providing the best facilities to accommodate the needs of our employees.

We believe that the modern office space has become even more important in stoking people’s creative juices and encouraging productivity, especially for digital agencies, that’s why we have heavily invested in our members in order for the creativity to flow.

Working at Websquare means being part of a family of forward-thinking strategists, designers, developers, project managers & data analysts. If that’s not exciting enough, we’ve got a few awesome perks not mentioned here to sweeten the deal. You can check our perks, as well as our open positions here


We can’t wait to get started on your latest digital project.



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