Pay Per Click

Data-driven search strategies and cutting edge tactics that transform your paid media results.

The most profitable and popular form of online advertising.

Our Pay Per Click services focus on maximising your ROI through crafted campaigns. Activity is intricately planned, implemented and analysed to ensure PPC Key Performance Indicator’s are met. Websquare are Google certified to provide you with optimised campaigns to deliver you the maximum conversions for the lowest advertisement spend. 

Paid search will not be left without daily maintenance, valuable revenue is at stake, so by continually testing new advertisement copy and a variation of keyword and keyword types and a/b testing is an effective way to see if your message resonates within your niche, and show your adverts to more relevant customers. Incorporating analytics and ongoing bid testing will maximise your revenue per click and automatically keep keyword bidding in line with your revenue goals.

We manage your Google Ads with a sophisticated helping of automation, checking your campaign performance and Quality Score, the relevancy of each advert group, landing pages and keyword relevance that customers are using in their search queries, as well as add all features available to such as advertisement extensions and even use Google Search Partner Networks, where you can actively promote your product/services through Youtube, Amazon, CNN, Ask.com, Google Maps, about.com and many more. Universal App Campaigns are also available for you to promote specifically to an Application on Android or iOS.

Having an online presence is the first step to expanding your services online, if you have the investments to exponentially grow, Websquare recommends you use paid search to get the results you deserve.