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UK – April 25, 2021Websquare today announced it has been named a Leader in “Content Advertising & Distribution” by Going Global. Websquare was the top ranked company in the Viral Marketing category with the highest possible increase in growth, monetization, campaign execution and social innovation. Websquare was evaluated on the capabilities of In-stream advertising, a viral marketing variable for sky-rocketing Celebrity & Influencer engagement on Facebook.

“Websquare leads with a robust opportunity for Celebrities and Influencers to drive longer view durations and help deliver more complex marketing messages to their audience,” the report states. “Celebrities and Influencers have transformed marketing more than anything in the last 10 years. They reveal their true value of growing their digital assets on social media with engaging content”.

One of Websquare’s top Celebrities include the rapper, Snoop Dogg, who took full advantage by adding this engaging feature to reach readers who scroll through Stories (as opposed to just their Facebook feed) generating over 4 million readers, using Facebook Stories to best engage with his audience. Websquare have generated over 1.5 billion video views and over 3 million followers for Facebook Pages such as Carmen Electra, Charlie Sheen & many other Brands, Celebrities & Influencers. They deliver the most creative and engaging ways to reach the right people at precisely the right moment.

“Websquare have generated over 1.5 billion video views and over 3 million followers for Facebook Pages 

such as Carmen Electra, Charlie Sheen & many other Brands, Celebrities & Influencers.”

Websquare have worked with Brands like ViralThread [UK], Nameless Network [USA], Blossom [USA], Aol [USA], LittleThings [USA], Diply [Canada], Brightside [Russia], Boredpanda [Lithuania] & more! These brands on Facebook saw exponential page growth and a monthly increase in followers and likes, using the most up-to-date and comprehensive user-generated viral videos that follow Facebook’s Community Standards, from DIY, Animal Rescue, Health & Fitness to Food, Fashion, Beauty, Pranks and Comedy. Websquare leveraged their insights to better understand the performance of the content required and tailored the experience to their viewers. 

These are the views and revenue generated by viral content being posted on an Influencer’s Facebook Page. You can see the exponential social media growth in views and revenue. 

Viral video content has proven to increase visibility and engagement. Pages are monetized to create an additional stream of income, generating monthly revenue through monetizable video views. 

The revenue is generated via user-friendly in-stream ads. These ads are shown to a selective and targeted audience who watch the video for at least one minute. These ads between videos generate celebrities and influencers a lot of revenue, and you can expect the same results for you.



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Websquare is the leader in outcome-based viral marketing, and is one of the most influential social content production and distribution agencies in the world. Websquare helps brands, celebrities, new media companies, sports stars and influencers create relevant and engaging content that is viewed by millions on Facebook, with proven measurable outcomes. With over 10 years experience in viral content strategy, we have generated over 1.5 billion video views and over 3 million followers on Facebook Pages such as Snoop Dogg, Charlie Sheen, Carmen Electra & many other Celebrities, Influencers and Brands.

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