Web Development

Creating and optimising state of the art websites with cutting edge technology that best aims to address all our client’s challenges and business goals.

Websquare provides state of the art, cutting edge technology and the best practices aimed at addressing all challenges in your development goals. Whether you need eCommerce, lead generation, or back-end development integrations, Websquare focuses on performance and efficiency with every solution we provide. 

When you choose a developer, you need someone who you can trust to execute every aspect to the highest level of quality and standard. No matter the company, product or customers, we curate multi-platform experiences seamlessly, with the highest qualified developers on hand to develop your site. 

The development process starts with understanding your brand, then we conduct research based on industry and competitors to construct a custom strategy. To help us define your key features, we look at your user experience, functionalities, and structure of your site using wireframes. We test user interface and experience that guides you through your site, defining your features, content and conversion actions. We then follow up with the design and development that brings the vision to life. With the site completed, we finish up with a rigorous quality assurance process, testing speed, security, and overall functionality to catch any bugs or problems before the site is launched.