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Self-hypnosis downloads that help reprogramme your unconscious mind.

Unique self-hypnotherapy through downloads that mimic the reality of face-to-face sessions to adapt the pace and the visualizations to improve confidence, self-esteem, productivity, and cure addictions.

Hyp21, a company that sells self-help and hypnotherapy courses to help people overcome anxiety, quit smoking, and more, came to Websquare after being dissatisfied with the work done by a previous third-party vendor. They felt that their website did not properly portray their unique selling proposition (USP) or core product.

Communicating USP

We spent a significant amount of time consulting with Hyp21 to understand their product and what they wanted, and to fix the issues with how their products were currently displayed on their website. One of the key concerns was the graphical display of the product, which Hyp21 felt was not effectively communicating their USP.


Responsive Website, Website




Consultative Approach

Our consultative approach, actively listening to Hyp21’s ideas and reinforcing them with their own, helped to build trust and rapport with the client. Websquare worked closely with Hyp21 and their designers to produce concepts that portrayed their products and USP in an infographic format that made it easy for users to understand what the courses were about and how they could benefit.

Drawing on their expertise in design and user experience (UX), Websquare brought Hyp21’s brand to life with a visually appealing website that effectively communicated their unique selling proposition. Hyp21 was satisfied with the work done and proceeded to make further improvements to the functionality of their website, including enabling users to purchase and download courses.


Hyp21 has everything they need now to run a successful online business, and they are consistently coming back to Websquare for further improvements. This ongoing relationship is a testament to the quality of work and level of satisfaction that Websquare has been able to deliver for Hyp21.

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