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National Zakat Foundation

A charity that helps Muslims in the UK build a better life for themselves and their families.

Leading UK Muslim charity united by their Islamic faith and duty to build a better and stronger community and provide the essentials like food, clothing, education and training.

For NZF, we were looking to lay long-term foundations in delivering a highly effective app and donation portal, while improving on scalability, tracking and reporting to better enable NZF to collect and distribute Zakat donations. The required changes needed to provide a rich and engaging user experience, and build on the database and architectural foundation that would allow NZF to properly record and track donations in real-time. 

Professionally Maintained

For NZF, it was decided that Websquare wanted to not just complete their intended work but to also establish a long term partnership to enable the success of the charity. This meant being fully flexible in providing NZF with the technical expertise and solutions necessary to maintain NZF. Many tasks such as improving on the design, creating additional payment portals, applying multiple features, website support, and maintenance were done to make sure it stays as one of leading charities in the UK.  


Responsive Website, Website




Donation Analytics & Reporting

NZF required a more accurate and real-time as possible reporting of user behaviour of their online calculator and payment portal app. They used a combination of platforms that gathered the necessary data but the data was patchy, unreliable and often gave unusual data. NZF required to map our the entire user journey, from the start to the end of making a donation, but the output of their current data was too broad and appeared to be inaccurate. The collated data needed to be sent into custom reports or a dashboard. NZF also required some help with technical marketing conversion tag issues with Google Ads, and Analytics. 

National Zakat Foundation | Fundraising Regulator

For donations, we tracked all the data such as donation amount, the number and type of donation, location of donations, average donation value etc. using Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking that collected all the required donation data, which allowed NZF to analyse the performance of donation acquisitions, funnel metrics and top conversion paths and events from within their application that were essential in tracking the performance of their paid marketing campaigns. Google also has a robust set of reporting platforms, and all events that needed to be tracked were setup using Google Tag Manager, as well as real-time reporting on specific donation KPIs such average donation journey length, donation drop off points,  donation payment processing times and many more that were required to map every single interaction within the customer journey.

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