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A Human Resources management firm that delivers HR infrastructures and solutions to businesses

Leading strategic human capital partner of choice, supporting organizations in their growth and helping them optimize their capabilities through HR infrastructures and solutions that deliver their overall strategies.

HR Invest decided that their business needed a website redesign and rebrand.  The way HR Invest present themselves online, as well as the messaging of their brand needed to be more competitively positioned as a leading HR firm situated in Kuwait. The website and brand are both extensions of HR Invest’s ethos and are fundament in positioning themselves for success with clients in the years to come.

Professionally Rebranded

We had to rebuild the website from scratch, but keeping it simple, functional and modern, while following HR Invest’s brand guidelines. We also wanted the UX to be seamless, intuitive, and especially responsive on mobile devices. Features that would make HR Invest a true multi-lingual site were also considered in the design process, so that visitors could switch from English to Arabic seamlessly if required.


Responsive Website, Website




Engaging Visual Design

HR Invest’s site creates a strong visual experience that encourages you to scroll down to read more and helps visually tell their story without relying on just text. Their images instantly give their visitors a sense of what their organisation is all about, while the white space helps move visitors through the site, flowing from one element to the next as it creates a visual hierarchy and breathing room between elements. The use of white space redefines the minimalism and modern web design of HR Invest. It was important that the colours matched the brand. The website is a great example of incorporating brand colours and specific elements that replicated the design of their HR Invest’s brand logo.


  • 98% increase in organic website traffic
  • 38% increase in website leads
  • Search visibility increased by 79%

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